Our Training Strategy

Fitness is comprised of so many facets- and it can be definitely be overwhelming at first glance. If you feel like there's too much to take in, take a deep breath and read on. There's no need to overcomplicate fitness or to follow its' textbook definition- because it means something different to everyone. As long as you are eating balanced foods that provide nourishment while actively working towards your goals, you are on the right track to living a more healthier and happier lifestyle.

As your trainer, I'll work with you to break fitness down into four simple categories: weight training, cardio, recovery, and nutrition. We'll determine a strategy that works best for your body, and develop consistent practices that become engrained in your lifestyle.

Weight Training

My strength training program is designed to increase muscle tissue, improve strength performance, educate on proper forms of movements and master how to push your body to its limits! It is essential to apply strength training into your workout routine because it builds lean muscle which will allow better results in conjunction with cardio. My goal is to provide you with the best individualized program which will get you healthiest and longest lasting results.


Recovery is an essential part of building lean, healthy muscle. In order to get stronger and build muscle over time, it is important to train smart and intensely, while also not overtraining. Proper stretching and mobility drills will open up your body, allowing more flexibility in your practice and taking you a long way on your fitness journey. I emphasize recovery in my training sessions, and will dedicate 5-10 minutes of each session to stretching, rolling out targeted muscle groups, and making sure that your body is ready to work hard come our next session.

Cardio Fitness

In order to lose fat, we need to combine strength training with cardio, because any weight that is lost through cardiovascular exercises will return soon after if there isn't any muscle mass to keep it off. In our training sessions, we will focus on high interval intensity training (HIIT)- this will get your heart rate up quickly and target stored fat in your body in order to gain results.


Nutrition is a key component of maximizing your results in the gym. I provide each of my clients with a basic nutritional foundation, and am happy to meal prep with you to help you learn how to prepare your meals properly. I do not believe in the concept of a “cheat meal”- I feel that this makes clients feel deprived of certain foods and propagates a negative relationship with food. Instead, we’ll work to ensure that you balance your meals with protein, fiber, and healthy fats; your body will respond positively to nutritious food, which will decrease your cravings and free you from the concept of good vs. bad food.

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