"Jonathan not only helped me lose over 100 pounds, but also changed my entire lifestyle- the way I view my body, my relationship with food, and the way I live my life. I am thankful to have him as my trainer and friend."

"From working with Jonathan, I've learned so much about human body mechanics and how to balance my fitness regimen. He also gave me the tools I needed to eat healthy and still enjoy my favorite meals.  I love his holistic approach to fitness as well as his friendly demeanor- he really does make training fun!"

"I cant say enough about Jonathan! He taught me the value of good nutrition, balanced meals and helping overcome my bad eating habits. He created a personal workout program that works great for me and helps me not only have fun but also stay consistent during the week. Definitely recommend!"


"Jonathan helped me focus on my main goals: getting stronger eating healthier and losing weight. consistency in my workouts, sticking to an improved diet and new determination led to my losing 50lbs. Now I'm moving beyond weight reduction and a new goal of an improved body!"

-Li Feug Lo  

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